Group of three men in suits 2020


A collection of casual moments from when I lived in and around DC; everyday life.

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Brattleboro 2023


A collection of landscapes, both natural and urban, still lifes, and slices of everyday moments.

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Blue glow 2020


I've always been fascinated with the industrial design of vehicles, both old and new, especially the normal cars you see that most people don't pay attention to.

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Reservoir 2021

With the Van (2021)

In 2021, I bought a Ford Econoline and drove north.

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Mom 2018

Moving North

A small collection documenting my move to Northern Virginia in 2018.

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Self portrait in train window 2020

Self Portraits

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Heat 2019

Early Film Photos

Some of my oldest work, dating back to 2018 when I first started scanning my film.

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