Self portrait 2020

About me.

Coyote Reyne is a photographer, independent musician, and graphic designer located in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Prior to relocating here in late 2021, I was working in the DC metro area.

I started taking pictures using my dad's old Nikon SLR camera when I started high school, and since then my interest in photography has only grown. I mostly document my own travels, as well as daily life.

About this website.

I started making websites as a hobby in 2014, motivated to keep the idea of the "personal page" alive. This website lives in place of the several I have made other the years, as a more permanent home on the web.

The HTML and CSS that makes up this website is open source, licensed under the MIT License. The photos and text of the site are not.

Just for fun:

My biggest inspirations are: Vivian Maier, Nancy Rexroth, Ilse Bing, Saul Leiter, and Nan Goldin. In music, I'm influenced by Connie Converse, Lucinda Williams, and Walt Whitman.

Favorite gear: Leica 50mm lens, Fujifilm Provia, Tascam 4track, my autoharp.